Youth Program

The BodyForce MMA Youth Program helps build life skills for your child through the martial arts. Your child will develop discipline, respect, honour, leadership and self-confidence, and much more. Part of our program is to ensure that your child is bully-proof and ready to face life’s challenges.

During a child’s formative years, it is critical for a child not to become a victim of bullying. The scars of bullying can last a lifetime by destroying self-esteem and confidence.

Using age-appropriate games and activities, BodyForce MMA’s Youth Program teaches the core values of martial arts and covers all aspects of your child’s overall wellness.

Our classes cater from ages 2 to 15-years-old.


BodyForce MMA’s Youth program is both challenging and fun with a focus on learning self-defense techniques as well as building self-confidence and self-discipline.  Our goal is to inspire children to strive for excellence, not only in martial arts but in all parts of their lives.
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Our combination of classes provides each student with a well rounded skill set in the sport of MMA as they train in the basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Wrestling.

Our Youth program will teach students the fundamentals of Mixed Martial Arts and will introduce students to new techniques and concepts during each class, building a foundation for a lifetime of learning and fun.

MMA provides a great workout for young kids. They can greatly improve their strength without using lifting equipment or weights that can be harmful to them. They also get cardiovascular workouts that will improve their endurance.  The conditioning provided by the workouts in the Youth MMA program make it an excellent form of exercise to increase a child’s overall fitness level and increase their self-confidence.

At BodyForce MMA, we believe fitness is a lifestyle and our students will learn valuable life skills to be successful both on the mat and off.  Each lesson will incorporate valuable lessons in teamwork, leadership, and excellence. MMA also teaches patience, perseverance and goal setting, and through this process kids learn that hard work and commitment can truly bring about desired outcomes.  We strive for and expect excellence from all our students.

In our MMA program, kids are taught to protect themselves and that gives them a boost in self-confidence and trust in their abilities. This is a big help, especially for young kids who are shy and introverted. It lets them meet and mingle with other people, all while improving their physical and mental well being.

MMA does not promote violence or any type of aggressive behavior but rather emphasizes being calm and level-headed in the face of adversity. The main goal of MMA is to teach students to be in control of themselves, their feelings, thoughts and bodies, whatever the situation may be.  Students are taught to be humble, to have self-control and to avoid or walk away from a physical confrontation whenever possible. We have a NO TOLERANCE policy for bullying or fighting inside or outside of the health club.  If a situation does arise where self-defense is necessary, your student will be prepared to protect him or herself.

Please let us know if your child is interested in competing.  We will be happy to coach and assist them with competing in local tournaments when they are ready.  Competing is a great way for your kids to grow mentally and to learn about respect and discipline. Such skills are extremely valuable, and learning MMA will help kids apply these skills to life. Ask about a free class for your child today!

Inquire about a family discount for 3 or more from the same family.