MMA Conditioning

Although it will help you develop that coveted beach body, BodyForce MMA and Conditioning classes will develop muscles that you can actually use, not just show.

Utilizing compound lifts with kettlebells, olympic lifts, battleropes, tyre flips and bodyweight exercises, our functional strength classes will help you develop real strength for real life.

The Benefits

  • Develop real strength, power and endurance for real life
  • Improve your physique – lose fat and build muscle
  • Develop flexibility
  • Build superior grip strength

The Class

BodyForce MMA Conditioning’s Functional Strength class can be thought of as a group personal training class with a focus on building strength, power and endurance while gaining muscle and dropping fat.

In a typical class, your instructor will lead you through a 60-minute whole body workout utilizing kettlebells, dumbbells, medicene balls and a number of challenging exercises. Your instructor will demonstrate the movements and then work with you to ensure your form is correct and coach you through the workout.

Our Functional Strength class trains movements that make everyday activities easier and injury less likely. You will have better posture, more grip strength, be able to lift heavier objects safely, climb stairs with less effort and have more energy.

The advantages of the kettlebell over traditional weights are many. The off-centred weight of the kettlebell recruits more stabilizer muscles, works targeted muscles through a wider range of motion, gives you fantastic cardiovascular workout while also developing real, functional strength in a short time. Kettlebell training develops uniquely functional strength as it trains your muscles to work as a unit rather than an in isolation.

Our Functional Strength classes are quick and enjoyable, which along with the results is one of the reasons you’ll stick with it.