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For members looking for a unique and challenging cardio workout, we offer our extreme fit heavy bag classes. These classes are high paced and designed to provide an intense full body workout while teaching you basic boxing and kickboxing technique.

All members receive full access to our state of the art strength and fitness and cardio equipment. Each 60 min class starts out with a warm-up loosening the muscles and sharpening the hands easing you into the high intensity, combination packed portion of the class. This fast paced, high intensity workout is designed to provide a total body workout while also teaching you basic boxing and kickboxing technique. Wrapping up each class with effective abdominal exercises this class will burn up to 1,000 calories. Making it the most effective way to shed excess weight and get in shape FAST!

This is an ideal class for those with little to no martial arts experience who just want to get a great full body workout. It burns 800-1000 calories in 1 hr. class session. That is equal to running 10-12 kms. The class focuses on keeping you moving and burning calories through intense exercises in between hitting the bag. This is also a great class for those who just want to release some stress or tension by beating up a heavy bag.

This class is perfect for all ages, men and women no matter your current fitness level.